East Kilbride Housing Association

Right to compensation

Scottish Secure tenants have a right to carry out work to their homes provided they first obtain the Association’s written consent.

The Association may consent to work, subject to reasonable conditions being met, or refuse consent where it is reasonable to do so. For further information on the Rights to Compensation Scheme, please refer to your tenants handbook.


Qualifying improvement works are detailed as follows:

List of Qualifying Improvements  
(Item) (Notional life in years)
Bath or shower 12
Cavity wall insulation 20
Sound insulation 20
Double glazing or other external window replacement or secondary glazing 20
Draught proofing of external doors or windows 8
Insulation of pipes, water tank or cylinder 10
Installation of mechanical ventilation in bathroom and kitchens 7
Kitchen sink 10
Loft insulation 20
Rewiring and the provision of power and lighting or other electrical fixtures including smoke detectors 20
Security measures other than burglar alarm systems 15
Space or water heating 12
Storage cupboards in bathroom or kitchen 10
Thermostatic radiator valves 7
Wash hand basin 12
Water closet 12
Work surfaces for food preparation 10