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Current situation regarding coronavirus

EKHA Covid-19 services update

Tenants will be aware that the office has been closed to the public and all staff have been working from home since strict social distancing measures were introduced by the government in March 2020.

We are trying to provide as many of our usual services as possible to you without having to visit your home. That said, we are allowed to visit properties to deal with allocations and void works to empty properties and while under Tier 4 restrictions we will be restricting the repairs service to essential repairs and those that are required in relation to the health and safety of our tenants.

EKHA has devised a plan for returning to some sort of normality when the Scottish Government relaxes some of the lockdown restrictions. We have made the office Covid-safe (to government guidelines) in preparation for this and indeed a small number of staff have – at particular times – had to gain access the office to carry out various tasks that they were unable to complete from home.

However, despite some inconveniences staff have all shown that they are able to work from home, and while the official guidance states that we should work from home if we can, then we shall continue to do so. We have already decided that – apart from those very occasional visits to carry out tasks that are impossible to do at home mentioned above – we will not be returning to the office until we are satisfied that it is safe to do so.

Our staff have been striving to source help for you, our tenants, when you have needed it, and we are heartened to learn that we have been able to obtain additional benefits and access to other funding and vouchers for so many of you. Clearly, there will be as-yet-unknown impacts on individuals and organisations which we will no doubt discover over the coming weeks, months and even years. Please contact us should you need any assistance.

Once we have a clearer date for a return, we will advise tenants accordingly. Meanwhile, apart from not being able to visit the office, you can still contact us by all the other usual methods to discuss problems with rent, neighbour disputes, repairs etc.

It is already becoming abundantly clear that we will be operating in a totally different environment post-covid. We are already thinking about remodelling our services and the way we deliver them in the future. We have set up a working group to look at this, which includes 5 tenants, and the group will be making proposals to the EKHA Board over the course of the next few months. We will, of course, keep you informed on progress.

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