East Kilbride Housing Association

How to get a home

We have 524 properties to rent in East Kilbride and usually only 30 properties become available each year.



EKha is part of the South Lanarkshire Common Housing Register, along with South Lanarkshire Council, Cathkin Braes Tenant Management Co-operative, West of Scotland Housing Association, Clyde Valley Housing Association, Melvillie Housing Association, Clydesdale Housing Association, Cairn Housing Association & Arklet Housing Association.

The big advantage for you is that you can apply to all nine of the Homefinder landlords by completing just the one application form. Each landlord may have slightly different rules and priorities for allocating their properties. We allocate our properties to the applicants(s) with the highest points at the top of one of the of the 5 lists we use.

View Home options Tool for details about East Kilbride and the type of stock available

If you want to apply for a home in South Lanarkshire and be placed on the Homfinder list you need to complete a Home Options self assessment The HomeOptions tool helps you find the options that may be available for you in South Lanarkshire. It asks a set of questions including household size, income and type of house and takes about 15 minutes to complete. You will then be given a personalised action plan of your housing options including a personal reference number. Keep a note of your memorable date and personal reference number so you can go back to it anytime.

If you register with an email address, your action plan will be automatically emailed to you and you can print it. You will find the link to the housing application form at the end of your personal action plan, in the next steps section. If you don’t have time to fill it in straight away, you can return to it at any time using your personal reference number and memorable date on the Home Options tool.

Home options Tool form Applying for a house

If you are unable to use the HomeOptions online tool please call 01355 227751.

Mutual Exchange

Homefinder isn’t the only way to get a house. As a tenant of a social landlords you can ask to carry out a Mutual Exchange – this is where two social housing tenants (this includes Council tenants) swap properties to help meet their changing household needs. Here’s a link to the application forms you and the person you want to swap with need to complete and hand in to us.

All social tenants looking for a Mutual Exchange in South Lanarkshire (and further afield) need to register with House Exchange. To register your details, please visit the House Exchange website

More details on mutual exchanges can be found here. Please note you need approval from both landlords before an exhcnage can take place.

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