East Kilbride Housing Association

New Developments

East Kilbride Housing Association is delighted to be developing again. This page shows where we are building, what we are building and when the properties will become available. To apply for our new properties you need to be registered on Homefinder. Click on ‘Your Home’ tab to find out how to apply. When completing the Homefinder application please tick the Murray area option if you are interested in a Murray House property.


Murray Court, East Kilbride will comprise 49 EKHA flats and development on this site has begun. We don’t have a firm completion date as yet, but we hope to have them finished May 2023.

Property types are: (all flats) 7 Amenity flats (4×1 bed, 2×2 bed, 1×3 bed), 39 General Needs flats (12×1 bed, 15x2bed, 12×3 bed) and 3 Wheelchair Accessible flats (2x2bed, 1×3 bed).

The pictures below show our starting on site and we will keep you up to date as the project progresses.


Redwood Crescent, East Kilbride completed in Spring 2022. The pictures below show progress throughout the build.


Dundas Place, East Kilbride comprises 18 x 2 bedroom flats and this project completed in September 2020. The pictures below show progress throughout the build.